Friday, August 17, 2007

More Useless Knowledge - Stephanie Miller

No, not that Stephanie Miller. Not the box wine drinking radio slag that French kisses her dogs. Although my latest image of her is that of a dominatrix with a giant head relative to her body, I still love her. OOO that hurts so good. I will not speak Isaac's surname, because I don't wish her to stop.

I was poking around at The Huffington Post and not getting poked with Huffington's post. (Sorry, I just can't control my inner Squeezy McFeelpants.) I clicked on the FundRace 2008 section and typed in Miller. Low and behold there were two donations from a Stephanie Miller up in Sacramento, Homemaker/Self Employed. One to John McCain for $4,600 and one to Richardson for $2,300.

Talk about the political crazy car. McCain says, "stay forever in Iraq" and Richardson says, "out yesterday preferably."

I guess she is doing what I always do, making abso-fucking-lutely sure that she will back a loser. I voted for Jerry Brown and against Clinton in the primaries. I voted for Edwards against Kerry. I supported Bush against Reagan.

I want to have yourself a little laugh, go back and listen or read the things that Brown said in his primary fight. Fight the corporate elites, protect the environment, minimum wage increase, sane trade policy. Oh I'm sorry, did that make you cry? A president Brown would have made a Bush impossible.

President Clinton made Bush a sure thing and much more dangerous. Fast track Bush on trade policy and state sponsored murder aka death penalty.

Your Average Idiot
Don't Vote For Me in 2008!
(I'm feeling nauseous now. Bye for now!)


Anonymous said...

and we are still in Iraq almost six years later. McSane sucked but Obama is the other side of the same coin and Biden is Palin crazy with little understanding of anything, Just like Palin.

Your Average Idiot said...

First of all the comparison of Palin to Biden is laughable. Palin was a half term governor of a state with about as many residents as a small town. She was an insane mayor that built an ice rink on land that didn't belong to the city and left the town in financial ruin. Biden served and served and served. He never used his office to enrich himself or his family or cash in for a job on a cable network.

Obama is far to the right of me, so I have my problems with his abuse of the Constitution almost as much as I did with W. He also stands too close to the greed of Wall Street bankers which blinds him to the real problems of poverty and oppression in the world perpetrated by their sweaty fists of cash. These are the seeds of all terrorism. People who do not have a say in their government and who also suffer the greatest by their country's neglect are left with few options to make their suffering known.

Wall Street pays their hush money to campaign coffers to buy their amnesty. It makes all dirty politicians do their best at keeping us the 99% looking to each other to blame for the problem. Meanwhile these Machiavellian princes rise to heights that cast a dark shadow over the rest of us who are charged for the clean up of their mess. We are too busy pointing around in the dark to notice.